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Dea Matrona announce debut album For Your Sins; release new single ‘Stuck On You’

Irish rock duo Dea Matrona announce the release of their highly-anticipated debut album For Your Sins, out May 3. The first snippet of their debut album comes in the form of their brand new single ‘Stuck on You’, out now.

With a crashing bassline and heavy instrumental groove, ‘Stuck On You’ carries the band’s ethos of bold, sensational rock with a modern twist. Catapulting and captivating, the song tells of being hopelessly drawn to someone’s charm.

Dea Matrona say about the single: ‘Stuck on You’ basically wrote itself after multiple insomniac nights. After taking a break from touring, we both locked ourselves away for a while and I think this song sums up how crazy it drove us. It was initially written as an instrumental and it was the most challenging track on the record to produce. It will be very exciting to bring these songs on the road with us in May & see how people react in real life”.

Dea Matrona also say about the album: “It’s a record about trying to find ourselves & failing over & over again until we realised that part of the fun of being in Dea Matrona is that we’ll never really know who we are or what we want to say”.

For Your Sins:

  1. Stuck On You
  2. Stamp On It
  3. Red Button
  4. Every Night I Want You
  5. So Damn Dangerous
  6. Glory, Glory (I am Free)
  7. Wilderness
  8. Did Nobody Ever Love You
  9. Won’t Feel Like This Forever
  10. Dead Man’s Heart
  11. Get My Mind Off
  12. Black Rain

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