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Cat SFX release addictive new tune ‘Binman’

Chewing through an angsty yet melodic mesh of jittery guitar strums and a melodic and catchy chorus, Cat SFX’s latest offering boasts the breadth of the band as they embrace more ethereal sonic territory that nods to the works of PJ Harvey or Kate Bush.

Where recent single ‘Rodeo’ was outspoken and punk-powered, ‘Binman’ arrives as an all-the-more measured affair, with country-tinged rhythmic guitar lines undercutting crystal-clear vocals that touch on the inner struggles that come with clearing up the wreckage of your own mistakes.

Of the new single, the band’s lead vocalist Cat Speranza explains: “’Binman’ is about a toxic relationship: the one between me and alcohol. It’s about the fights that you have with your loved one because you’re so drunk again and have caused carnage, and you’re trying to pick up the pieces the next day. And you make up all these excuses, to yourself, to others. So I’m the Binman. I’m the trash that needs taking out.”

Coming as the band’s sixth release to date, the new track is organic and infectious in equal measure, and serves as a teaser of the band’s forthcoming EP of the same name, due July 15 via It’s Creation Baby.


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