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Photo credit: Amir Hossain

Dylan releases new single/video ‘Perfect Revenge’

Following her sold-out headline tour across North America earlier this spring, British pop songstress DYLAN returns with a new single titled ‘Perfect Revenge,’ accompanied by an official music video out now. ‘Perfect Revenge’ is the first glimpse into a new body of work from the rising artist due out later in 2024 via Republic Records.

‘Perfect Revenge’ highlights her knack for sharp-tongued, irresistibly addictive lyricism. Written in LA with regular collaborators Mati Schwartz and Vera Carlbom whilst on tour in the US with Ed Sheeran, the track sees DYLAN play upon obsession, the wanting of something she can’t have, and how that can sometimes manifest into doing anything to get somebody’s attention.

“I understand that there is power in being the bigger person, and that ‘the best revenge is to have enough self-worth to not seek it’,” DYLAN notes, “but sometimes that is not always the answer. My perfect revenge is releasing a song called ‘Perfect Revenge’. I am hoping the person the song is about will hear it everywhere they go, making me completely inescapable. You can run, but you can’t hide!”

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