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Photo credit: Stephanie Senior

EDIE lets it all out with new single ‘Lie to Me’

In the anger and melancholy that comes after a breakup, Perth/Boorloo based artist EDIE has found her own biting honesty. Her ex’s lies and her own sharp insults come to a head in the form of her new alt-indie single ‘Lie to Me’, out now.

With iconic grungey basslines, broody vocals, catchy drums, and gasp-worthy lyrics, this song adds a sour note that perfectly compliments her sweet discography. Taking the time to tear apart, ‘Lie to Me’ is the intersection of a slow breakup ballad and modern pop, with feminine rage cutting through like a knife. This song delivers a dark and brooding alternative to her usual dance-ready tracks, but doesn’t stray from the edge woven into the DNA of her music. Combining brutal lyrics with gentle tunes, this song can be screamed out in anger or hummed while doing the dishes, pairing well with any place, time, or mood.

Telling the story of being proven right after a breakup, this new single delves into the mix of rage and vindication after an ex starts dating the person they said not to worry about. Raw and open, it straddles the validation of being right and the anger of being lied to. EDIE says,

“‘Lie to Me’ explores intuition and how you should always trust your gut feeling. It delves into that bitter resentment you have for an ex that moves on with the person you always had suspicions of. It’s angry, it’s scathing, and it’s vicious!”

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