You are currently viewing EDIE captivates with ‘Front Row’; highlighting the dynamic of parasocial relationships

EDIE captivates with ‘Front Row’; highlighting the dynamic of parasocial relationships

EDIE brings a fervent and heated new track to kick off the year. ‘Front Row’ is a personal exploration of obsession and love, conveying the mind’s power to create an entirely fantasized relationship about an individual, who may not even know that you exist. Moody and brooding, it builds with roaring guitars, 90’s fuzz and driving drums.

“Through the track ‘Front Row,’ I explore themes of fixation, love, and obsession,” explains EDIE. “The song shines a light on the dynamic of a parasocial relationship and its all-encompassing nature. The track conveys the power of the mind to create a fully realized fantasy relationship about an individual who is not even aware of your existence. From personal experience I know this can happen to the best of us!

“In creating the song, I was heavily influenced by 90s pop rock and in particular the film soundtracks that shaped my youth. I love being in the studio and was fortunate enough to work with talented people who understood my vision!”

Accompanying ‘Front Row’ is a music video that plays on EDIE’s 90’s film and rom-com influences, seeing her portrayed as the protagonist in a story capturing the relationship between a fan in the “front row” and the lead singer of the band. Whether what is seen is real, a figment of EDIE’s vivid imagination or the attempted manifestation of a love story, remains to be seen. The final scenes see a typically innocent EDIE, dressed in black, surrounded by candles, effigies to her love and other ritualistic instruments, appearing to summon other-worldly assistance to fulfill her desires.

EDIE continues, “When I was a kid, I always enjoyed creating music videos with my best friend. We spent so much time planning and creating and so to be able to create and experience a music video is a childhood dream come true! It was so incredibly fun and such a rewarding experience to see my vision and dream come to life. When I met my director Steph it was a true meeting of like minds as we had a shared vision of how to capture the story within the song.”

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