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Photo credit: Stephanie Senior

EDIE smashes illusions in new single/video ‘Cool Girl’ and announces debut EP

Centuries of young women trapped in gendered expectations and idealised perceptions scream out through Perth/Boorloo artist EDIE’s latest single and music video ‘Cool Girl’, out today. With the release of ‘Cool Girl’, EDIE is also announcing the release of her highly-anticipated debut EP unsaid, dropping on August 9.

In this rock-pop ballad that is ‘Cool Girl’, EDIE takes a knife to the expectations placed onto her by the men in her life, the desires they have for her to be that “cool girl”. Through grungey guitar and addictive refrains, this song rips at the hand-stitched seams with emotion and is the culmination of years of frustration and centuries of gendered expectations. This song is the manic pixie dream girl striking back, shaking off the branding of ‘not like other girls’.

The music video expands on this concept, featuring EDIE as the ‘Cool Girl’ across the centuries: a mediaeval darling, a regency-era debutante, a TV-perfect housewife, and finally, at the end of the video, herself. A man watches these idealised women on the screen as their real nature bleeds out into the reality around him, commenting on the unattainable nature of expectation. EDIE describes the ‘Cool Girl’ phenomenon as, “From my experience in the dating world – men desire someone “chill” (which really means excuse everything they do and be okay with it). I wanted to show my frustration and anger towards this idea!”

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