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Photo credit: Georgia Walters

Eleni Drake releases new single ‘Strawberry Moon’

British singer-songwriter Eleni Drake shares her wistful new single ‘Strawberry Moon’, the second taste of upcoming album Surf the Sun out May 19 via her own Vanilla Sky Recordings label.

A love song to a previous partner, ‘Strawberry Moon,’ paints a picture of bliss and connection with an old-school soul ballad feel, while soothing rain sounds sit in the background. “I went on a moonlight walk with my partner down to the sea, and the moon was so big and red, like something I’d never seen,” Drake explains. “When nature gives you something so beautiful for free, and you get to share it with someone you love, you gotta pay your respects.”

Speaking more on the lyrical inspiration of new single ‘Strawberry Moon’, Eleni Drake said: “When I was writing ‘Strawberry Moon’, I wanted the listener to feel the warmth the song evokes within me. I chose warm analog, vintage sounds to compliment the story I was telling, and I created synths lathered in reverb and phasers so the listener felt a sway, almost wave-like, making them want to dance along with it. It was written for my partner at the time – we had gone on a moonlight walk, and there was this huge dark pink moon shining directly above us on the beach, where we spoke about life – dreams, insecurities, loss, happiness.”

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