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Izzy Mahoubi shares new single & music video ‘Torn In Two’

Singer-songwriter Izzy Mahoubi is excited to share her brand new single and music video, ‘Torn In Two,’ out now via Rude Records. ‘Torn In Two’ is a nostalgically hopeful breakup track, with the music video showcasing the final stages of a failing relationship.

Speaking on the new single Izzy shares, “I wrote this song during winter break of my senior year in high school. It was during a time when the excitement of my last year in school and new relationships were starting to fade. Nothing was “new” anymore. I remember grieving friendships that started to dissolve and accepting that the next season of life was going to look very different. I thought of the first line when I was driving home from a school event, “I wish the shade of us was just as vibrant as when I first met you”. I let that one sit on the shelf for a few months before I let myself surrender to the uncomfortable reality that sometimes relationships fade when it’s no one’s fault. It’s as heart-wrenching as a breakup and as upsetting as a friendship fallout: the slow steady dissipation of two people going on different paths. There’s something beautiful about that as well. Endings are never fun, but without knowing, we are writing chapters of each other’s memoirs just by being present which I think is pretty cool.”

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