You are currently viewing OAKMAN share brand new single ‘All The Way Up’

OAKMAN share brand new single ‘All The Way Up’

France based pop/rock trio, OAKMAN shares their brand new single, ‘All The Way Up’, out now via Rude Records. ‘All The Way Up’ is a synth heavy track that reminds listeners to never give up on their dreams and continue making your way all the way up.

About the song, the band says, “‘All The Way Up’ represents this long journey in a life between fear, hesitation and the desire to never stop going further. Since we were born, we all have dreams that we never stop fighting for. For which we will always be regarded as an alien by others because we are often misunderstood and not supported. And when everything else gets in the way, it’s often psychologically hard to continue to find strength. But every day is a new day and every day brings a new strength to keep going all the way up.”

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