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Photo credit: Sophie Parke

Emmeline releases new single ‘LGIK’

Emmeline, the West Yorkshire native now based in East London, unveils her latest single ‘LGIK’, marking her debut release for 2024 and heralding a captivating evolution in both her sonic and visual identity. Produced by Cameo Blush, the track is a mesmerising blend of pulsating beats and Emmeline’s signature lyrical finesse, crafting a rhythmic and enigmatic masterpiece.

In ‘LGIK’, Emmeline bears witness to the tribulations of her younger self – an attempt at closure somehow mirrored by the electronic textures that wreathe the breeze-block funk which brooks no resistance throughout the entire song.

Speaking about the single, Emmeline shares, “I wrote this song in a rush of needing to get thoughts out of my head and into the music, as a kind of comfort to myself in my early twenties, to say ‘it’s okay, we all make mistakes or question our choices, I know what you’re going through’. The track to me really evokes the feeling of treading water that it is to be in early adult womanhood, and so ‘LGIK’ is a fever dream of a song, a dark admission of the internal workings of my mind. It rhythmically and sonically reflects two headspaces: one that is questioning and anxious, another that is learned and advisory. A listener is caught between the two.”

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