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Photo credit: Sophie Parke

Emmeline releases new single ‘Night Rider’

Emmeline, the West Yorkshire native now based in East London, releases her second single of 2024 ‘Night Rider’, as she continues a captivating evolution in both her sonic and visual identity. Produced by Alfie Aukett (PinkPanthress/Destroy Lonely, Next Door Records), the track is a fierce and punchy hip-hop anthem, combining Emmeline’s signature lyrical prowess with a bold new flow.

In ‘Night Rider’, Emmeline takes the city by storm, as she declares herself the saviour to her own need for transformation. The track is cinematic and visually captivating, as Emmeline paints a picture of herself, battle-ready, entering adulthood through the back streets of London chaos. Aukett’s brash and pulsating beat sets her up perfectly for the ultimate verbal flexing.

Speaking about the single, Emmeline shares, “This song was made with my good friend and producer Alfie, over a day in the studio together. I was watching a lot of movies at the time and wanted to create an epic kind of theme-song for myself, simultaneously super-hero like and also villain-esque. The track has roots in hip-hop music that I grew up listening to and loving, but with a strong feminine slant, resulting in an empowering anthemic and still bouncy song.”

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