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Photo credit: Niklas Adrian Vindelev

Enter the ‘ghost house’ with eee gee

Dating is haunted on the new single from the widely acclaimed Danish artist, eee gee, announcing the release of her sophomore album entitled SHE-REX to be released on September 1 via Future Classic. The velvety alt-pop lead single ‘ghost house’ is out now.

eee gee’s elegant universe is one of paradoxes and contrasts – a place where the complex world of a young woman, trying to find her way in life, unfolds as magical musical moments and compelling storytelling that is both exuberant, fascinating, fun, emotional and wonderfully weird. Or as eee gee simply says:“I make music for the introvert who is constantly pushed into the uncomfortable extrovert way of how the world works.”

‘ghost house’ follows previous singles ‘more than a woman’, ‘new year’s ex’, and ‘perfect 10’, all to be included in her newest body of work. “I have a good friend who fell in love with this guy –a cliché of a cool, free-spirited surfer-dude with nice hair and that one-in-a-million look. They went all in on what seemed to be a match made in heaven. He even talked about her on the phone with his mom. However, one day my friend found out that he was actually dating several other girls and that he was anything but ready for a serious relationship,” Emma Grankvist tells and continues: “Dating is haunted. If anyone should ever have a chance to find real love when looking for it, you probably need to break up with your own bad habits and expectations of what you think you need first. Ask yourself why you want tofall in love? If you find the answer, I believe you’re most likely able to meet new exciting people with the right intentions.”

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