You are currently viewing CIINEMA introduce themselves with immersive debut single/video ‘Planet Eyes’

CIINEMA introduce themselves with immersive debut single/video ‘Planet Eyes’

Merging heartwarming, infectious and anthemic together, CIINEMA’s ‘Planet Eyes’ provides a refreshing take on alternative pop music. Produced by Guy Harrison, the track features low-key drums, grooving bass lines and impactful synth lines. The instrumental is immersive with its ever changing dynamics and textures with vocals land softly, working hand in glove with well-penned lyrics. Accompanying is an equally immersive music video.

Speaking about this they say: “The ‘Planet Eyes’ music video is a spaced-out daydream that muses on flirtation, wonderment, and the endless possibilities which romantic ambiguity inspires mentally.”

Influenced by the likes of Little Dragon, Phoebe Bridgers, FKJ, and Tom Misch, New Zealanders Elizabeth Cameron and Lane Twigden have quickly cemented themselves as rising stars within the music industry. Blending poetic song writing, dreamy synths and soulful grooves together, the band’s music pays homage to many different genres and inspirations. Now based in London, Ciinema are looking ahead to the release of their self titled EP, scheduled for June 30.

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