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Photo credit: Lorraine Khamali

Essence Martins releases new single ‘Brussel Sprouts’

Emerging British-Nigerian artist Essence Martins follows up her debut single ‘Pending Status’, with a beautifully personal new track ‘Brussel Sprouts’. Drawing inspiration from a fusion of indie, folk, pop and soul, Essence’s sound is uniquely her own.

‘Brussel Sprouts’ is a tender self-penned dedication to Essence’s twin sister and the relationship with her family. Essence explains, “My twin sister and I understand each other so well that we know exactly what to do when one of us is having a hard time. I also have two older sisters who encourage and influence me to be the best person I can be. For me ‘Brussel Sprouts’ symbolises a rite of passage. A lot of us grew up hating Brussel sprouts as kids because of their bitter taste, but we were all told to eat them because they’re good for us. Everyone has to overcome obstacles to get to the light at the end of a tunnel and the Brussel Sprouts are just the little bumps in life that we all must encounter.”

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