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Etaoin reveals emotional new ballad ‘If You Called’

Following the release of her second EP, Etaoin still has folk-pop stories to tell. Her new single ‘If You Called’ is out today via Made Records. Evolving her brutal acoustic honesty on another touching ballad from the Irish singer-songwriter continues the delicate tales from her last collection, I Hate Everyone (but I don’t mind you).

Built with just acoustic strings and Etaoin’s heartfelt, emotional vocals, ‘If You Called’ is laid out like an apology, with a sombre backing and lyrics drenched in regret that the track’s tone is commanded by. Using her songwriting as a way of conveying her experiences, no matter how painful, this new story of heartache is one of her most personal retellings of a failed boy meets girl yet.

“After my first heartbreak I made a pact with myself to never let myself care that much about anyone ever again, but then I met this boy from Ireland. We used to drive through the Irish countryside and walk the beaches and talk for hours in his car, it was literally like shit straight out of a Hannah Montana movie,” says Etaoin, whose ability to reflect on her actions and put them into words is what really makes the story behind the lyrics.

“He was so patient and kind and everything I should have needed, but I was so hurt and scarred that I was too scared to trust any boy and I didn’t want to commit. This caused a lot of issues and nine months in we called it quits. I realised after it all went down that I really put him through hell by pushing him away and acting like I didn’t care all the time.”

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