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Photo credit: Skylar Steinberg

EVAN GIIA shares new single ‘RABBIT HOLE’

EVAN GIIA returns with ‘RABBIT HOLE’ – her first new solo release since ENDORPHINS, her acclaimed 2021 EP. The track is a slow, swaggering declaration of intent, as EVAN GIIA signals her impatience with the status quo – “tired of sitting and waiting / Lookin pretty and asking permission ooo / that role don’t fit me right /If I want it imma get it somehow.”

“This past year has been all about growth. Growth as an artist, growth in my relationships, growth in my self-care and self-talk routine. I am a people pleaser at heart but I have been learning to draw my boundaries and advocate for myself,” explains EVAN GIIA. “‘RABBIT HOLE’ is about not taking ‘no’ for an answer. Believing in your path even if others don’t see it. Challenging the phrase: ‘but that’s how it’s always been done.’ Manifesting the way YOU want your future to look. The sky is the limit when you’re in this mindset. I’m so excited to share this song with the world. Go get what you want!”

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