You are currently viewing Femegades release new EP Sex Robots alongside final single ‘Broken Bones’

Femegades release new EP Sex Robots alongside final single ‘Broken Bones’

Following a breakthrough year in 2023, Femegades have returned as they prepare to release EP, Sex Robots. The band have been lauded for their ability to seamlessly incorporate elements of Riot grrrl, alt.rock, punk and grunge into a contemporary, nuanced rock sound.

Sex Robots bookends an incredibly successful run of single releases, neatly packaged into one five-track record. The EP is an alternative soundtrack depicting a dystopian world already creeping into everyday life. It’s a world where instead of seeing a fellow human being, a man sees something he feels entitled to and something that has a price tag, as portrayed on ‘What Yours Is Mine’. ‘Toolish’ illustrates how combating this unwanted male attention continues to be dangerous for women, while ‘Depleted’ characterises how, post-childbirth, women are expected to uphold the impossible pressures of body image.

The final single to be taken from Sex Robots is ‘Broken Bones’, a track where Femegades continue to espouse their socially conscious values. ‘Broken Bones’ challenges a culture of over medicalisation (particularly in response to what would be natural reactions to trauma), and the commercialisation and exploitation of how people’s lives are negatively affected by social issues outside of their control. Sonically, ‘Broken Bones’ showcases a band on top of their game, and is yet another raging, breathless, triumph of modern rock music.

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