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Photo credit: Jeremy Philip

Sub*T release new single and video ‘That Kind of Night’

Brooklyn-based alt-rock band Sub*T is excited to release their new single and video ‘That Kind Of Night,’ the latest track to be shared from their new EP Spring Skin out on June 20 on If This Then Records.

The song, a captivating blend of introspection and intensity, showcases the band’s knack for crafting evocative melodies with thought-provoking lyrics. Grace Bennett and Jade Alcantara, the creative forces behind Sub*T on the song’s inspiration, “Something about this song just feels special, and that’s why we picked it as a single. It’s slow and introspective but still hits. There’s a calmness that’s also very strong. It’s based on a really specific instance, but it’s essentially about being inside of yourself and looking out at the world, wondering about your place, what kind of people you’re missing out on, and who you want to connect with. Just one of those moments when you don’t know why you are the way you are! Musically we really wanted it to build to that point of frustration and realization.”

The accompanying video for ‘That Kind Of Night’ perfectly complements the song’s narrative, capturing the essence of a solitary yet reflective New York moment. The video showcases the band’s aimless wanderings through the city streets, echoing the sentiments of searching for connection amidst the urban chaos. “We wanted the video to emulate that feeling of aimlessly wandering through the streets of a city, searching for anything that speaks to you,” the band shares. “We shot it with our friend on tape, so when we digitally transferred it we could mess with the playback. We wanted to try freezing, rewinding, and fast-forwarding the images to connect it to the kind of disorientation and second-guessing that is in the song, how you can always run situations and unasked questions back in your mind or focus on things for a little too long. We wanted the edit of the video to be what stood out the most.”

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