You are currently viewing Francesca Louise has dropped her new single ‘Odyssey’

Francesca Louise has dropped her new single ‘Odyssey’

Francesca Louise is an indie/folk singer-songwriter, who’s soulful, Carole King inspired vocals paired with songwriting influences from the likes of Joni Mitchell, Lucy Rose, Flyte and The Staves, makes her one to watch.

Her latest single ‘Odyssey’ was written during the pandemic, when the songwriter was triggered by a traumatic event. She confides, “Due to this unexpected and traumatic event, I was forced to confront the effects that the pandemic was having on people’s mental health, and it brought me back to my own struggles with mental health too. I guess the song is a cry out for answers and poses questions that we all ask at some point in our lives, questions that we were desperate to hear the answers to at such a desperate time in our history.”

The process of creating ‘Odyssey’ was an emotional one, with Louise feeling completely overwhelmed, defeated and frustrated. This song is an honest and cathartic track, an ode to someone gone too soon and a reminder of the hardships we have all had to face over the past few years. Described as pensive and open to plenty of interpretation, ‘Odyssey’ is beautifully melancholic, mellow and pure.

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