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Fresh drop new single ‘Why Do I’

Raise Hell – the forthcoming new album from London punk band Fresh – resolves with our protagonist breaking free of a toxic relationship, joyously riding into the sunset singing doo-wops. It’s the first time on the album that the inner conflict settles, and contentment takes precedence. The band have shared the album’s closing track ‘Why Do I’ as a single this week, with their new full-length set to hit virtual shelves on July 1 via Specialist Subject.

“Sadness and self-doubt are acknowledged and present on ‘Why Do I’, but they don’t hold power over you anymore. There’s power in starting from scratch” says lead singer and principal songwriter Kathryn Woods. She expands; “Think Nicole Kidman signing divorce papers in 2001-vibes. There’s a real catharsis and joyous presence to this song, upbeat do-woop vocals, guitar riffs with a touch of delay and soaring lead vocals make it a great note to end the record on.”


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