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I, Doris release new single & video ‘HRT’

It’s the wonder-drug on everyone’s tongues right now… London-based mummy-core kitchen-punk band I, Doris have released their fun-filled new single ‘HRT’ today.

A ridiculously catchy pop-infused, post-punk banger from the offset, ‘HRT’ celebrates a powerful message about gynaecological healthcare. It comes accompanied with a super fun music video – during the filming of which, two Dorisses got themselves thrown out of Brixton’s TK Maxx store. They regret nothing. The video – directed by filmmaker Minni Moody – features a cast of hormone replacement therapy users of all genders, who come together to create a powerful visual representation of the song’s themes of resilience and rebellion. The video also sees the band (a six-Doris lineup) recording the song in Brixton Hill Studios, with their producer Stephen Gilchrist also being roped in to play the part of ‘The Doctor’.

‘HRT’ marks the gold standard of I, Doris’ hallmark biting humour and feminist commentary. With its driving bass line, catchy keytar bop and enormous guitar riffs, the song speaks to the frustrations and challenges of navigating the healthcare system, particularly when it comes to access to hormone replacement therapy.

Songwriter and bassist, Doris, says of the track, “so many people with wombs face an uphill battle in obtaining the healthcare they need. ‘HRT’ is about the struggle to be taken seriously and the fight to access the care we need to live our lives on our own terms. Also, it’s a disco banger. Now, what was I just saying?”.

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