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Photo credit: Gary Jones

Freya Beer releases new single ‘Tatianna’

Gothic-pop chanteuse – Freya Beer is back with a brand new single ‘Tatianna’. The electrifying follow-up to recent single ‘Write Her Off (WHO)’, the tracks will feature together on an imminent EP – due for release as a limited 4-track vinyl and on streaming services.

Based on a fictional female protagonist from whom the song takes its name, ‘Tatianna’ finds Freya stepping into her heels and waltzing between her lucid dreams and harsh realities, caught between the glitter of stardom and the cold light of day.

As Freya explains of the track: “’Tatianna’ is based on a femme fatale like character who from the limelight appears the dream but behind the scenes it’s a different story…”

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