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Photo credit: Silken Weinberg

GEORGIA GETS BY shares new single/video ‘Oh Lana’

Georgia Gets By, the solo project of BROODS’ Georgia Nott, shares ‘Oh Lana,’ the new single from her upcoming debut EP, Fish Bird Baby Boy, exemplifying the breadth of Georgia’s songwriting and showcasing a softer side of the EP. Fish Bird Baby Boy, due October 6 on Luminelle Recordings, features Georgia’s most personal work to date.

Though the EP boasts lyrics that can be read as anthemic and relatable, as evidenced by previous singles ‘Easier To Run’ and ‘Happiness is an 8 Ball,’ the songs on the EP are all grounded in Nott’s lived experience. ‘Oh Lana’ is about the first crush Nott ever had on a girl, back in Catholic school. “Would it be so bad to love you?” she sings longingly over spare percussion and a thick bassline. Those lyrics reflect the fear she carried with her into adulthood that being queer was shameful, a dogmatic belief she internalized as a kid.

“‘Oh Lana’ is about my first queer crush. I was probably about eleven and I got into a fight with another kid to defend her honour,” Georgia explains. “I wasn’t sure how to fully express that back then, so this song has, in a way, been my love letter to that little gay version of me.”

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