You are currently viewing Gigi Gold announces debut EP and reveals new single/video ‘Why Should I’

Gigi Gold announces debut EP and reveals new single/video ‘Why Should I’

Alternative folk-rock artist Gigi Gold announces her debut EP, Souvenirs, for release on July 17 via Marshall Records. Along with the announcement comes the first powerful single, ‘WHy Should I’.

Gigi’s music spans a wide range of genres and styles, from folk to rock and blues; this unpredictability in her sound mirrors the unpredictability of her artistic direction, as she remains open to whatever creative path she chooses to pursue next. The West Virginia-born artist’s debut is equal parts alluring, rebellious and empowering, covering themes of self-discovery, introspection and vulnerability. The sprawling five-track mini-movie paints pictures of highspeed desert drives with the roof down, smoke-filled speakeasies dense with Bond-esque intrigue, and tangled in all the highs and lows of a fated cinematic romance.

Few artists are more exciting than those capable of anything, and the possibilities are endless for established rock singer turned solo artist Gigi Gold. “I walked into this project not knowing what I wanted it to be”, Gigi says, “but I think the beauty of it is not having a preconceived notion.” This is manifested in her upcoming Souvenirs EP, her debut release, a blend of everything from modern folk to classic rock, at once familiar and exciting and stamped with her unmistakable style of self-searching lyrics.

Speaking on the first new single, ‘Why Should I,’ Gold comments, “It’s about taking your power back, be it from a situation where someone else has had control or even just getting older. I’m not 22, and I’m aware of that, especially as a woman, where your age is taken more into consideration. I don’t think that should stop anyone trying what they want to – it’s me saying, ‘screw it, I’m gonna do what I want.’”

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