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Tuelo announces sweeping sophomore LP Regarding My Heart and shares the title track

Today, South African-born, NYC/Dublin-based folk-rock musician Tuelo announces her bold second studio album, Regarding My Heart, due out September 27. Alongside the big news, Tuelo shares the cutting title track and its accompanying music video out everywhere now. With her most refined, self-assured sound to date, Regarding My Heart is a sweeping sonic exploration of love, loss and loneliness that allows Tuelo to proudly re-introduce herself as she carves a space in folk-rock that is all her own.

The title track, out today, encompasses a life in its entirety–the love, loss and lessons learned. It was the making of this song that ultimately served as the catalyst for the making of the album. Tuelo shares, “’Regarding My Heart’ is a life-long journey of a song: a release, a reflection, a pacing of the story of love and loss.” The artist’s South African roots influence all facets of her artistry, as Tuelo shares, “It allowed for us to build a specific sound that reflects my particular way of song that I always compose from: my wailing vocal style with cinematic sounds and Etherial guitars, all rooted in my chanting culture.”

On the track’s subject matter and its universal, relatable quality, Tuelo says, “The song shows that in a ubiquitous world there lives a person in solitude, with a fascination for adventure, fantasy, and big dreams of great love. That is me. That would be ‘Regarding My Heart.’ That might be you.”

Built around the track’s central theme of loneliness, its accompanying music video directed and edited by Kevin Wenzel brings viewers into an opulent dining room where Tuelo is grievously setting a table for guests. After inviting guests in, Tuelo finds herself all alone. The artist says about the eerie visual, “The video is simply setting a table with no one coming to the party. It is the ritual of breaking bread and preparing for guests with no one to be in community with or to share burdens. I like the video because the annunciation is just a little awkward and makes you watch differently – even to be slightly bothered by it. It is beautiful but haunting and slightly off. More than anything it is the empty room, the ghost of friends, the nothingness, the lonely person we see.”

Shot on iPhone to cultivate its personal, intimate atmosphere, Wenzel adds, “We took it as a creative challenge to limit ourselves with space and equipment to see what we could create that would help to tell the story of the song, but still give the song the space to live and breathe on its own. The slow motion singing gives it a strangeness and also a calmness that hopefully allows you to sit in the song and in the world of the video.”

Regarding My Heart:

  1. Regarding My Heart (Chant)
  2. Regarding My Heart
  3. Some Kind of Love (Chant)
  4. Some Kind of Love
  5. Green Light (Chant)
  6. Green Light
  7. Enemy of Love (Chant)
  8. Enemy of Love
  9. Bitter Weeping (Chant)
  10. Bitter Weeping
  11. My Friend Saba (Chant)
  12. My Friend Saba
  13. Some Kind of Love (Piano)
  14. Audio Journal

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