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Gretta Ray shares ‘America Forever’ with Maisie Peters & Carol Ades

Gretta Ray today releases new track ‘America Forever’ (with Maisie Peters & Carol Ades), lifted from her forthcoming album Positive Spin, a pure pop project that comes to you bathed in golden light, a hazy sunset of love and heartbreak, growth and understanding… a project full of beautiful moments of classic and emotive pop set for release on August 18.

Written in one of the ‘homelands’ of music that makes up her second album, ‘America Forever’ (with Maisie Peters & Carol Ades) is a more stripped back effort of soft confession side-by-side with an acoustic guitar as she finds her way. The production on the track slowly elevates and increases the tempo and the hope, true to the album’s pop foundation.

On writing with collaborator Carol Ades, Gretta says “if you’re lucky, you’ll meet someone who just is music, personified. That’s Carol. She is it!”. Hearing a demo only, Maisie Peters – who just landed her first #1 album in the UK – lent her voice to the song.

“I’ve always felt extra creatively driven as soon as I touch down in L.A. – the energy there permits me to fully believe in myself and the art that I make. On my final day in L.A last March, I rocked up to a session with Carol, and complained to her about having to fly home to Australia. I just wanted to stay in America, forever. The two of us spent the day unpacking this further on the couch in her living room, just us and an acoustic guitar. We also drove through Pasadena and continued writing as we looked out over the city, sparkling in the afternoon sunlight. When a certain place brings out the best version of yourself, it’s hard to leave it behind without feeling like you’re abandoning a piece of yourself. The more creatively liberated I am, the more I feel like me.” explains Gretta.

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