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Photo credit: Sophie Scott

Belot unveils bouyant new single ‘V.I.P’

Following on from the rapturous response to her recently delivered singles ‘Get This’ and ‘Cool Whip’ earlier this year, “awkward pop” pioneer Belot looks to continue her impressive streak to deliver the bouncing new single ‘V.I.P’.

Much like the previous offerings we have heard from her these last few months, ‘V.I.P’ stands as a wonderfully fun and upbeat listen. Channeling another heady dose of shimmering production against her own quirky persona throughout, she is continuing to make 2023 one of her most impactful years to date.

Adding about the new track, she said, “I can honestly say ‘V.I.P’ was a song I never expected to write. ‘V.I.P’ was a classic case of making the music before writing the lyrics. I have to make it clear that this song is totally conceptual at least for the moment, rain drops of Champagne are still very much their full and extortionate price. My co-writer and I had started playing around with this sort of groove, at first it started off being a bit of silliness, but we kept going and eventually we were like… we HAVE to use this. It sort of had this nostalgic energy, we both grew up listening to Eminem, Dr Dre, 50 Cent etc. and we were all about it. (It goes without saying we have absolutely nothing on any of those artists but we can try.) We both sort of knew what a beat like this demanded from a song and so we went in, full force. This song is about glitz, glamour, success, redemption. It just had to be. The story of becoming the biggest artist one could be.”

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