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HAVVK release new single ‘Expiry’

Alt-rock outfit HAVVK release their inner anarchist on new single ‘Expiry,’ out now.

‘Expiry’ is about pushing back against the idea that the milestones of your life should be affixed to a certain age, and the joy of realising that you can shake these shackles off once you know they are a social construct.

Lead singer Julie Hough elaborates, “it’s about ageing as gracefully or ungracefully as you want, giving a middle finger to any expectations on how you should dress or behave, and particularly for me, enjoying being in a band and understanding new parts of my personality the older I get”.

Known for their formable lives shows and tackling topics such as bodily autonomy, gender expression, and mental health, itʼs been clear from the outset that HAVVK are an act who are unafraid to combine hard-hitting hooks with an equally hard-hitting message.

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