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Dirty Blonde release new single ‘Don’t Cry (It Doesn’t Suit You)’

Off the back of the release of their raucous single ‘Run (When I Tell You)’, Manchester alt-rock duo Dirty Blonde are back with their new single ‘Don’t Cry (It Doesn’t Suit You)’, out everywhere today.

Following packed out shows at this year’s Isle of Wight & Great Escape Festivals, the fierce female alternative duo comprising members Ailis Mackay (vocals, guitar) and Hayley Tait (guitar, backing vocals) are firmly making their mark on the UK alt-rock scene. Naming Kasabian, Billie Eilish and Oasis as their main musical inspirations, Dirty Blonde draw from their combined influences as well as elements of alternative rock and a heavy dose of Riot Grrrl attitude to create their distinctive sound.

Showcasing a softer side to the duo, ‘Don’t Cry’ highlights just how versatile Dirty Blonde are as a band. Recorded at The Lounge Recording Studio with Gareth Nuttall, the track touches on nostalgic echoes of Oasis as well Jamie T influences, adding a touch of raw authenticity, along with some grungy guitars that give it an edgy vibe – all wrapped up in that distinctive ‘Dirty Blonde’ attitude.

Speaking of the track, they say, “We’ve had this song tucked away for over a year. At first, I was a bit hesitant to include it as a ‘Dirty Blonde’ song as it’s noticeably quite different, but after sharing it with the band we made the decision to take it to the studio and incorporate it into our live set. ‘Don’t Cry’ is a slight departure from our usual energetic sound, offering a more personal experience. This song is a blend of different styles, drawing inspiration from various sources, but somehow it all comes together.

“Lyrically, it captures the essence of individuals who constantly fake remorse, only to repeat their actions again and again. The key takeaway from this song is to have faith in yourself and don’t tolerate negativity from anyone.”

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