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HAVVK release new single ‘Take It From Me’

Irish outfit HAVVK’s formidable new single ‘Take It From Me’ is out now via Veta Records. This is the final single to be taken from their raucous new album To Fall Asleep out on March 15.

‘Take It From Me’ is a takedown of the cartoonish scenarios of men speaking over women and taking credit for their ideas. Front person Julie Hawk elaborates, “while it’s obviously serious, the song is also laughing in the face of these kind of eye- rollable scenes, which we should surely put behind us by now”.

Known for their formidable lives shows and tackling topics such as bodily autonomy, gender expression, and mental health, itʼs been clear from the outset that HAVVK are an act who are unafraid to combine hard-hitting hooks with an equally hard-hitting message.

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