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Hohnen Ford announces new EP I Wish I Had A God and shares the title track

Rapidly rising, young North Londoner Hohnen Ford is creating rich, jazz-pop for the next generation. Today she announces her new EP I Wish I Had A God, releasing on August 3 via Young Poet. Alongside the announcement of the EP, Hohnen Ford has shared the title track, a beautiful and disarmingly personal piano ballad.

Upcoming EP I Wish I Had A God is a collection of 5 rich and emotionally intelligent songs, showcasing Hohnen Ford’s ability to weave jazz, pop and folk seamlessly together. Her music strikes a chord with a generation of fans who appreciate honesty, depth and sincerity in their favourite artists.

Shared today is the new single ‘I Wish I Had A God’. Lending its name to the EP, the track is a deeply personal piano and vocal piece about losing a very close friend. Hohnen’s voice on the song is both powerful and delicate, her moving lyrics testament to her natural songwriting ability.

Speaking openly on the new single, Hohnen Ford offer: “‘I Wish I Had a God’ emerged from the depths of grief, as an attempt to make sense of losing one of my best friends last year. Songwriting can be a vessel for grappling with the ineffable. This is the most painful song I’ve ever written, and has also been a bittersweet gift to watch it resonate with so many as I’ve performed it live over the last year. Our shared human experience of grief teaches us so much.”

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