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Holly Munro releases captivating new single ‘Give Yourself Love’

Irish singer-songwriter, Holly Munro unveils her latest single, ‘Give Yourself Love’. This captivating pop anthem takes listeners on a transformative journey of self-discovery, emphasising the significance of self-kindness and embracing the beautifully chaotic nature of being human.

Together with producer Luke Potashnick, she works at Wool Hall Studios in Frome, Somerset, which was previously owned by Tears for Fears during the recording of their Songs from the Big Chair album.

Speaking of the new track, Holly says, “I remember writing most of it one evening when I stumbled home after a long day. My mental health was in a rough spot, and it was taking a toll on how I treated myself. But that night, something magical happened. I sat down at my piano, and then these lyrics popped into my head: “Give in, show yourself love today.” It was like this universal wisdom saying, “hey, it’s alright, kind to yourself and everything else will sort itself out.” She continues, “The early demo version of the song was way slower than what you hear now but when myself and my producer Luke Potashnick brought it into the studio its tempo increased and transformed it into a real celebration! It became less of a slow, contemplative tune and more of an energetic anthem”

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