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Immi Dash shares alt/R&B burner ‘Don’t Cry Yet’

Alt-R&B rising star Immi Dash is back, hot on the heels of the recent single ‘Free Falling’ to unveil the radiant new track ‘Don’t Cry Yet’. Embracing heart-wrenching string arrangements that bounce between flowing harmonies and choppy samples, the track employs smokey production across the mystifying percussive shimmers, rhythmic R&B drums and warm sub-bass swells.

True to form, Immi’s vocals are an elegant, diamond-encrusted centrepiece, pouring an alluring romanticism into her conflicting sentiments. As the emotions rise, a torrent of harmony descends on the silky lead lines, building the track arrangement into a celestial choir as the final moments take hold.

“Don’t Cry Yet’ is about recognising that you can lose yourself within a relationship,” Immi shares, continuing,” I wrote it with Alba Arias who also produced the track. We just had an honest conversation about what was going on in my life and came out with this. The whole process was really rewarding & reflective. I hope I can offer a perspective that people can connect with.”

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