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Photo credit: Carlos Gonzalez

Kadhja Bonet shares new single ‘JGS’

LA-based singer and multi-instrumentalist Kadhja Bonet releases hypnotic, Kate Bush-esqe new single ‘JGS’ (Just Getting Started) on Ninja Tune.

It’s another highly personal release for the supremely talented vocalist who, when discussing the single, says that “my inspiration for JGS was my post partum depression. I often write what I need to hear and not what I want to say… this song is meant to remind you of the many opportunities for happiness you still have”.

‘JGS’ follows on from Bonet’s recent singles ‘Dear Gina’ and ‘For You’ and completes a triptych of mesmerising singles in which Kadhja expresses a running message to ‘make time for yourself’. “For you, Dear Gina, and JGS are all, in some way, about choosing yourself” she comments. The trio of releases are a glimpse into an upcoming full length album from Kadhja which she is currently working on.


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