You are currently viewing Hope Winter releases soulful R&B track ‘Fuel to the Fire’

Hope Winter releases soulful R&B track ‘Fuel to the Fire’

London-based soulful singer and songwriter Hope Winter today releases ‘Fuel to The Fire’, sewing together soul, R&B and alternative styles. Winter’s silky-smooth vocals weave into place with the urban influenced bassline in the background, tapping into London’s rhythm and blues scene adjacent to a foot tapping groove.

Alternative R&B anthem ‘Fuel To The Fire’ is a step away from Hope’s past of traditional ballad-maker, and into a modern sonic soundscape which highlights Hope’s growth as a songwriter and musician. This was written in collaboration with prestigious producer, ‘Cassell The Beatmaker’, a partnership that has allowed them to explore vocal, artistic and compositional ability with confidence and curiosity. ‘Fuel to The Fire’ mimics her growth as an artist, as well as teases her audience with what’s to come.


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