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Photo credit: Michelle Grance Hunder

Imogen Clark releases new single ‘Big One’

We may only be two months deep, but 2024 is already ‘the big one’ for Imogen Clark. An Australian tour with duo BOWEN * YOUNG, the announcement of her new album The Art of Getting Through and a massive regional Australian tour with INXS legend Andrew Farriss. Today she unveils ‘Big One’, the epic love anthem at the heart of her upcoming record, with a sound that recalls the best of 80s pop and rock.

“I wanted a song that was intimate and vulnerable but massive, as big sounding as the feelings I was writing about,” says Imogen. “I wrote it with Sam Phay in Melbourne, and I came in with the idea that had been growing in my mind, this hunger to be the big one in somebody’s life, the love that stays in their heart even if the relationship doesn’t last”.

The scope and intensity of the song demanded the best of the best to realize the recording. Traveling to Los Angeles, Imogen and producer Mike Bloom decamped to the iconic EastWest Studios, where The Beach Boys recorded Pet Sounds and Red Hot Chili Peppers cut Californication. With five-time Grammy winner Ross Hogarth (Miley Cyrus, Van Halen) engineering, Imogen drafted in Dawes drummer Griffin Goldsmith and bassist Gus Seyffert (Adele, Sia, The Black Keys) who brought incredible passion and dexterity to the track.

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