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Photo credit: Michelle Grance Hunder

Imogen Clark releases new single ‘Squinters’

Acclaimed Australian singer songwriter Imogen Clark introduced herself last month to global audiences with the release of ‘Big One’. Inspired by artists ranging from HAIM and Maggie Rogers back to Bruce Springsteen and Sheryl Crow, Imogen Clark’s storytelling indie-pop is deeply personal and diaristic as her songs elevate intimate emotions to arena-scaled anthems.

On the eve of shows with legendary troubadour Steve Poltz, Imogen now shares ‘Squinters’, a co-write with Poltz and the latest taste of her new album The Art of Getting Through which follows on May 31.

“This song is my worst nightmare set to music, the life I could have led if I’d never gotten out of my hometown, if I’d never found the strength to fight for myself.” Imogen explains. “There’s a type of person who lives in Western Sydney, nicknamed “squinters” because they work a 9 to 5 job closer into the city, so they’re always driving home towards the west when the sun is setting, squinting to see the highway ahead. We were trading lines back and forth so fluidly, like I’d had this song percolating inside of me and waiting for the right person to bring it to boil with. We finished it in an hour and went to gorge ourselves on tacos”.

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