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Photo credit: Ania Shrimpton

INDIGOS release new single ‘Prima Donna’

INDIGOS are an alternative-rock duo based in Bristol. Their sophomore EP IN UTOPIA is out now.

Bigger and bolder than ever, IN UTOPIA blends elements of nineties alternative rock and heavy pop to create a sound that while nostalgic, is very much their own. It features lush vocal harmonies over grunge-fuelled riffs, blended with looped drums and layered production reminiscent of trip-hop. The lyrics sing a sardonic take on modern Western life, touching on themes of media addiction, drug use, narcissism and depression.

To celebrate the release, the duo have now shared new single ‘Prima Donna’. A song about ego, plain and simple. Success goes to your head and you play out the role of it, at the expense of the people around you.

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