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Photo credit: Misha Warren

VENUS GRRRLS return with hard hitting and uplifting new single ‘Lidocaine’

Born from Riot Grrrl, VENUS GRRRLS are an alternative rock band from Leeds. From twinkling synth motifs to raspy guitar lines, the girls present the dark yet empowering discourse surrounding their own synergistic experiences.

VENUS GRRRLS return from hiatus after lead singer GK’s recovery from Leukaemia, presenting a brand new single ‘Lidocaine’. Gritty, unfaltering, and elegant, the band make for a powerful rebirth in a new era of a chilling and unrestrained demeanour.

Speaking on Lidocaine, lead singer GK says: “‘Lidocaine’, a local anaesthetic, is used as a numbing agent during bone marrow biopsies to check for bone marrow diseases and cancers such as Leukaemia. Now in remission, I reflect on the lasting damage of cancer and begin to process the gritty and complex repercussions; including the small, seemingly insignificant factors that helped me along the way. ‘Lidocaine’ is a metaphor for this, as not only was it used as an attempt to numb my pain during a gruelling procedure, but it symbolises all attempts of this in a mental and spiritual manner, too. Getting through the day is a win in itself, even if it meant I stayed in bed all day, that was the Lidocaine I needed to get me through it.”

The band are also actively encouraging people to join the Anthony Nolan stem cell register following on from GK’s experience. They further comment: “Due to GK’s journey, we’d like to take this opportunity to encourage you to join the stem cell register. Some people who get diagnosed with Leukaemia need a stem cell transplant to prevent disease from returning, and you could be that person and save a life. It’s quick and easy to sign up, visit for all the details.”

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