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Photo credit: Tash Koziarska

VENUS GRRRLS release autumnal anthem ‘Aries’

Ethereal and tenacious, VENUS GRRRLS are a rock band from Leeds promoting the participation, acknowledgement, and respect of women in the music industry. Aiming to bring fortitude and activism through hard hitting alternative rock music, the quintet use electronic and astrological sounds to amplify their sonic signature. Today, they release their new single ‘Aries’.

“‘Aries’ is an ode to a powerful woman, with an utterly intimidating yet mesmerising presence,” explain the band. “Celebrating the power of the woman; their dominance, assertion, and persistence under the relentlessness of the patriarchy, Aries is our experience of meeting a woman who awakens parts of yourself you never knew existed”

Lead singer GK says: “The writing process began with the basic ‘oooh ah oooh’ vocal melody at the start. It was stuck in my head and that meant I knew I needed to do something with it. With the song being centred around a powerful woman, naturally, connotations of fire entered my head. This is where we decided to centre it around one of the Zodiac Fire signs, almost personifying it to be an actual human. With the astrological parallels, we wanted the character of the song to be vast and spacious sonically, yet also hard hitting and sure of itself like the woman who inspired it.”

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