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Insolace release new single ‘I Won’t Cry’

London-based Alt-Rock quartet Insolace have released their new single ‘I Won’t Cry’.

The band, formed of Millie Cook (vocals), Conor Hyde (guitar), Sam Bryant (bass) and Onyi Olisa (drums), defy easy categorisation as they manage to articulate their own relatable real-life struggles through blistering instrumentation, honest lyrics and heartfelt melodies to produce something that is both haunting and cathartic. Lyrically, they like to tackle the negative stigma of mental illness head-on, and their sound perfectly mirrors the swinging highs and lows of depression and mania.

Millie says of the new track: “To me, ‘I Won’t Cry’ is about feeling like you would do absolutely anything for that certain someone, sometimes to your own demise. It’s about being a person who puts so much effort and time into someone else for it not to be reciprocated. I think we have all been guilty of this at some point in our lives, offering your whole heart to someone who doesn’t really want to take it, or maybe just can’t. Sometimes people just fall hard, and when it doesn’t work out, we realise that we never needed to long and cry. All of our power comes from ourselves, not somebody else. ‘I Won’t Cry’ is a reminder to myself to not give my energy to those who don’t give it back to me. It’s about knowing your own self-worth.”


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