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Japan, Man reveals groove-laden new bop ‘Wormhole’

Japan, Man return with their stellar new single ‘Wormhole’. Rich and dreamy, Wormhole arrives as a courageous offering written when Laeticia Acra was just 15-years-old. Expressing her fears of rejection, the effortlessly unique new single is an honest and articulate reminder not to change yourself to please others.

Sharing more Laeticia shares: “I grew up with a hesitation to socialize, and I felt like whenever I did manage to keep a friend around, the fear of them leaving was always apparent, it was like a bomb waiting to go off.

“The way you can jump through a wormhole, figuratively, to alter your personality to survive socially is exhausting, but sometimes so necessary to get by. I’d stay in horrible, isolating social situations, just to feel surrounded. I could’ve been surrounded by statues, and I would have been satisfied. Personal growth takes so much time. It took me years to get over this, but when I did, I actually felt like there was substance in my friendships, and relationships.”

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