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Japan, Man shares superb new bop ‘Air Conditioner’

Japan, Man ends her hiatus with superb new bop ‘Air Conditioner’. Coming as a captivating slice of effortlessly unique alt-pop, ‘Air Conditioner’ marks the start of Japan, Man’s exciting new chapter.

Born from reflecting on her relationship with Lebanon, where she was born and bred, the new single is a stand-out coming of age moment from this special talent. Sharing more behind the song Japan, Man explains: “The song is basically written about my relationship with Lebanon, which is where I’m from and where I grew up. It also explores my relationship with being mixed, as I am British/Lebanese and don’t really feel like I belong or truly am anywhere, there’s just always a sensation of disassociation. That’s why that second verse clarified the emotion behind the song for me since a Cedar tree is the national symbol of Lebanon, representative of resilience and strength

“Feeling like you don’t belong or fit in isn’t really a bad thing, it just pushes you to grow into yourself, which ends up being so perfect and natural since you haven’t fallen in the trap of following social trends or cliques of people you don’t even like.”

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