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Photo credit: Af Yoandry Gonzalez

Jaya May releases new single ‘Let Me Know’

Only a few people have heard of Jaya May, but check out her new song ‘Let Me Know’ and you’ll probably wonder where you’ve heard that voice before. Emilie Espichicoque, who has been known as ESPICHICOQUE and the woman behind the hit singles ‘The Letter’ and ‘Lately’ is now ready with new music and a new name.

The first single off her long awaited forthcoming EP is called ‘Let Me Know’. “I wrote the song during lockdown, right on the other side of the wall from the person thesong is about…I had a small studio set up in my room, where I was making beats and whispering the song into my computer,” she explains of the new song. “A song about how I really hoped that he would soon tell me if he was really interested or not. The lyrics are about being scared and excited at the same time. To have so much at stake that you almost can’t stand waiting any longer.”

‘Let Me Know’ is about a mix of emotions and that is exactly what Jaya May has put into this song. While the lyrics are about insecurity and frustration, the melody and the bouncy calypso vibe in the beat represents the way the body is full of excitement and the joy of being in love. Two different worlds of emotions tied together with Jaya May’s strong R&B vocals. The perfect song for all of us excited love birds who need to dance the fear and frustration away and lean in to love.

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