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Photo credit: Nicole Zenoni

Rose of the West release new single, ‘Feast or Famine’

Communicating Vessels and multi-city outfit Rose of the West are pleased to present ‘Feast or Famine,’ the second song lifted from the September 8 release of No Things Permanent, an album whose blend of haunting dream-pop, goth rock, shoegaze, trip-hop, and progressive pop is informed by singer/frontwoman, lyricist, and guitarist Gina Marie Barrington’s musical upbringing.

Following the album’s sultry lead single, ‘Come and Find Me,’ ‘Feast or Famine’ is a statement years in the making. Part hymnal, part lament, and part willing surrender, the song is a labor of love for Barrington that underwent a transformation with the addition of a bridge – a kind of meta commentary on breaking up the cyclical nature of a doomed dynamic.

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