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Photo credit: Jen Noel

Jenny Don’t and the Spurs release new single ‘You’re What I Need’

Based in Portland, Oregon in the US Northwest, Jenny Don’t and the Spurs remain committed to pursuing their passion and will release a brand new album entitled Broken Hearted Blue in mid-June.

A single from it entitled ‘You’re What I Need’ has been released, with Jenny explaining that “it was inspired by wanting to show appreciation for everyone we’ve met on the road and for their continuous support. Touring life is addictive; every night, we meet new friends and reunite with familiar faces from previous shows. Coming from humble beginnings, we never imagined we’d have the chance to travel to most of the places we’ve been. That’s why we’re incredibly grateful for the people who show up and show interest, enabling us to pursue our passion. We take immense pride in never cancelling shows because the fans who come out to see us are worth every ounce of effort. We’ll go to great lengths to make it to a show – crossing scorching deserts, oceans, snowy mountains, and sweltering jungles (literally). We’re trekking around the world because you’re what we need!”

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