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Photo credit: Amanda Elman

Jenny Stenger feels unrequited in love in new ballad ‘Unlovable’

With a soul-crushing combination of vulnerability and touching melodies, Jenny Stenger’s ‘Unlovable’ takes audiences on a stirring journey of self-doubt, insecurity, and the gut-wrenching feeling of believing you are simply undesired. This indie pop track encapsulates the hardships of growing up as a young adult in today’s world through the eyes of an artist who has been there herself.

‘Unlovable’ shows off Stenger’s natural talent as she paints the scene of feeling useless in the eyes of love. Her lyricism captures the emotional turmoil of unreciprocated love that leads a person to blame it all on themselves. Love doesn’t always work out in the way we want, and Jenny Stenger makes it her mission to ensure we are not alone in that feeling. “I wrote this song when I was dealing with the deep-rooted fear of being innately unlovable,” Stenger says. “It’s about trying to understand that there isn’t something wrong with you just because feelings are unrequited or relationships aren’t working out, but struggling to believe it and inevitably blaming yourself.”

Lyrics like “Blaming myself for the things you felt” and “I know I should feel lovable by now, but how can I feel loved when there’s no one around” prove that love and lovelorn can leave some of the deepest cuts. Jenny Stenger’s unique vocals give her music a sense of wide-eyed innocence as she’s longing to be loved. ‘Unlovable’ was pieced together with production and arrangement from Brady Sossaman, mixed by Seth Wentland, and features Nick Hancock on the banjo and accordion.

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