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Millie Turner’s incredible ‘Venus’ is a magical return

Today, East London’s indie-pop singer-songwriter Millie Turner returns to the music scene with her first single since 2021, titled ‘Venus’. The ethereal and spirited song is laced with an enchanting quality that is the direct product of the eclectic artistry of its creator- an intricate, creative mind that carries a unique outlook on the physical and metaphysical world.

Speaking on the inspiration behind the release, Millie Turner shares; “’Venus’ is a song all about the creative psyche which is an inner world that we cannot touch, but where everything is happening and everything is possible and creativity lives in a cave. Its power is so strong that some want to go up, travel through space, and go to the desert psyche, catch Venus, mine the soil, and show it off to the world. But beauty is not that simple. The song is about someone who is witnessing this horror as the rockets go to space, on the hunt for Venus. The song is an ode to true beauty which is more mysterious and can never be held down, sold, or even touched. And that drives the world crazy.”

With Venus being the quintessential icon of femininity and beauty, Millie Turner’s track acts as a celebration of the desirability and elusive beauty in femininity and illustrates it as something that should be protected and honoured. ‘Venus ‘ is a beautiful take on this age-old concept and details it in a way that spotlights Millie’s charming storytelling abilities.

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