You are currently viewing PREMIERE: Kit Major shares her Y2K pop-punk inspired video for ‘I’m Bitter!’
Photo credit: Nat Souza

PREMIERE: Kit Major shares her Y2K pop-punk inspired video for ‘I’m Bitter!’

Kit Major, the LA-based indie pop queen, has returned with a video for her latest hit, ‘I’m Bitter!’

We watch an impeccably dressed Kit Major wandering down supermarket aisles and dancing around in skate parks, tossing cake at the walls, and being, well, unapologetically bitter, channelling her inner Y2K pop-punk star. And we are so here for it!

Watch the video below, exclusively on SMM and read a short Q&A with Kit about the song and visual.

‘I’m Bitter!’ feels relatable for so many reasons. What inspired you to write the song?

“I was getting ready for a shower and a melody with these five words came into my subconscious: “three years with no flowers.” I stopped and wrote the rest of that song, still wearing my towel. The message in that song feels really cathartic. Writing it helped boost my own confidence because it has elements of the type of relationship I’d like to have one day.”

Who are some of your main sonic influences?

“My influences shift, but as of late I’d say Lady Gaga, Avril Lavigne, Weezer, Garbage, and other – turn of the century!- vibes. I love blending pop and rock elements. I want my music to be like a genre smoothie.”

What was the process like making this video? Any funny BTS moments?

“I had an amazing time working with director, Nicole Lipp, on this video! I think what made it so much fun was creating a character extension of myself: a stoner who loves cereal and binge watches old MTV 2000s videos. My favorite moments include the two of us running and jumping up the sides of the empty pool yelling, “PARKOUR” and driving the yellow Camaro! Driving top down and screaming the lyrics to ‘I’m Bitter!’ was an extremely freeing experience. Plus I’ll take any chance I can to feel like Cher from Clueless.”


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