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Photo credit: Lawerence Agyei

Mermaid share serene new single & video ‘On A Cloud’

Los Angeles-based alternative R&B duo Mermaid (Brittany Campbell and Candace Quarrels) return with their newest single and video, ‘On A Cloud,’ the latest track off their upcoming debut album Iridescence, out October 20. The song is an intimate, lo-fi lullaby. Breathtaking vocals harmonize, gently floating across a simple and serene guitar chord as the duo invite listeners in on their reflections of the past, musing on feelings of heartbreak and sadness.

“This song was written in a time where I was really struggling,” Campbell says. “I had come out to my mom about Candace and she stopped speaking to me. I wrote this 4 or 5 months into our estrangement.” She continues, “This was the only song I was able to write for a while. It’s about sadness and experiencing a new kind of heartbreak. It’s also about the inability to see or feel anything but my sadness. I’d never experienced anything like it before, and there wasn’t anything else for a long time.”

Quarrels adds, “I always tap into the floaty loneliness that is the heartbeat of this song. Britt was grieving so much during this time, and I was grieving a certain loss of innocence as well. I lost so many friends in the birth of this love. It was shocking and hurtful, but we gripped each other tighter and kept it moving. This song captures that feeling so well, both with our harmonies and the lyrics.”

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